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A member of the Titqet Community Village of the Statimc Tribal Nation, who specializes in working with First Nations communities and organizations, public and private sector companies, individuals, teams and young adults (i.e. youth) in all aspects of life


At the age of twelve, Peter began to study his First Nations Heritage and has since then worked diligently with these values in mind to meet all the challenges. Many of the actions that Peter has taken, actions that led to his accomplishments and even his failures are viewed as a learning experience.


As a young First Nations person he has dealt with many of the issues faced by the young people today. However, he has learned and has worked toward passing the knowledge he has gained by conducting workshops to both aboriginal and non-aboriginal youth. Through these workshops Peter has become well known within the many First Nations communities as an individual who works to ensure that young people regardless of race and/or culture can achieve success, if given the opportunity. Peter also encourages young people to go out and seek opportunities not readily available in small communities.


Peter also play professional hockey in the East Coast Hockey League and Central Hockey League. He also won a gold medal in Boxing in the North American Amateurs and played semi-pro soccer, with expertise in professional athletic development on and off the playing field. This opportunity offered Peter many avenues in which he could grow and explore further what lifes possibilities might offer to a young man of First Nations heritage.


Peter is self-employed and currently owns and operates three registered businesses within a defined partnership. The first is a Consulting Management, Business and Investment Agency, second is a Motion Picture and Television production Company, and third is a Role Modeling and Life Skills facilitation Company. With his past history of the sports sector, Peter is able to put that knowledge and experience to work for him. Currently his Management, Business and Investment agency is representing more than a dozen hockey players playing in the NHL, the minors, and major juniors.


As a self-employed individual Peter firmly believes that he is meeting the requirements he needs in order to be successful, both in his personal life and in business. He has a Masters Degree in Business (MBA), as well as studies in adolescent counseling, film and television. As for the field of Education, Peter is also a part-time professor teaching satellite business courses for First Nations communities in British Columbia on behalf of the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology, and encourages the young people to further and complete their educational ambitions. Peter is also a very proud and loving husband for 20 years, and father of three. You can find out further information about Peter and his businesses at www.halawgroup.com Thank you.


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Peter Leech

Peter Leech

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