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About Us

Halaw Group and its Subsidiaries provide business and investment initiatives, management, development and operational support for public and private sector companies, individuals, athletes, teams, first  nation communities and organizations.  Halaw Group has been in operation since 1999, but its management team and associates have a combined experience of more than thirty three years in business and services we provide.  Halaw Group prides itself on being a first nations company, and looks to help and support the image of first nations people in the business world.

Its Subsidiaries:

1. Halaw Management Group (HMG) is a registered partnership that provides business and investment initiatives, management, contractual negotiation, development and operational support.

2. Halaw Pictures is a incorporated company that is in the Motion Picture and Entertainment business.  It oversees all the production assets and personnel of Halaw Pictures.

3. Tsi’tsel Sza’yten / Workshop for young adults (youth) is a registered partnership that provides life skills and role model seminars for young adults in all aspects of one’s life, for example; motivation, fear and shame, relationship building and many more...etc.

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