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Halaw Management Group (HMG) is a registered partnership that provides business and investment initiatives, management, negotiation, development and operational support for public and private sector companies, individuals, athletes, teams, first nation communities and organizations. We are the first aboriginal sports agency representing professional athletes, example; professional hockey players at the various levels of the game. HMG has been in operation for over thirteen years, in no way are we inexperienced in the business world and professional athletics, we have a management team, and a wonderful supporting cast of associates. The management team and some of our associates are very business savvy and committed to high standards of professionalism, and we have some of the best scouting and athletic consultants from various professional levels and fields of the game. Along with that we are confident in our management team and associates in business and investment initiatives, no job, project or initiative is to small. What makes us unique and different from some of the other companies is:


 We are a First Nations Company made up of First Nations people.

 We have highly experienced business, professional and political consultants.

 We have the best lawyers and taxation consultants concerning business and investment initiatives.

 We have highly professional athletic development consultants.


Along with business and investment initiatives, we provide economic development, restructuring and community planning to first nation communities and organizations, public and private sector companies. We will address most identifiable issues, concerns and provide training to:


 Chief and Councils

 Administrations and Personnel

 Management and Staff


We will help and assist in fulfilling your mandate, strategic planning, business planning, feasibility studies, market studies, industry studies, program evaluations, develop policies and procedures, develop community-based programs, interpersonal communications, responding to conflict, managing human resources, time management, and...etc. When addressing the above topics, you start to advance with new opportunities.

A complete information package can be mailed, emailed or faxed to you today, please contact our office for further information or to arrange a meeting. We look forward to hearing from you.


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