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Tsi’tsel sza’yten/

workshops for young Adults(youth)

Tsi’tsel Sza’yten - New Beginning

Life skills and motivation seminars for young adults (youth)

“Our youths are trying to find their way home!”

Our Objective: To provide youth with the opportunity to come together, interact, learn new skills and have a good time.

How will we reach our objective: We will come to your community or event and deliver an educational seminar to your youth.

The topics that we cover:

· Communicating effectively

· Building your self-esteem

· Setting and Reaching goals

· Alcohol and Drug awareness

· Dealing with Fear and Shame

· Relationship building

· Community and culture

· Developing leadership skills

· HIV and Aids awareness

· Stereotyping and Racism

Facilitators: Peter Leech / Gino Odjick / Ron Delorme, etc…

Approach to conducting seminars: Our youth need to have fun while they are  learning.  In fact studies show that we are more apt to learn when we are enjoying ourselves.  Therefore, we use games, simulations, and other kinds of interactive exercises when teaching our youth a new idea or skill.  This approach has proven to be quite popular with the youth.

Wheel of Fear

The wheel of fear is a tool that helps one’s self over come all the fears that control their life.  Some of the fears that control our lives like, shame, pain, anger, loneliness, guilt, are just some examples of how fear makes us or break us as a human being.  This tool also helps identify the major issues of the four aspects of our life, that being the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects.  This tool will help you identify all your fears, explore where they came from, and help you educate yourself to over come your fears.  To bring balance to one’s self, we must help ourselves identify what makes us live.

If you would like more information please contact Peter or Charlene by way of mail, fax, or phone, and a complete information package can be sent to you today.

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